To maintain and preserve our quiet and relaxed atmosphere we do not accept pets.

Management and Nest Style Hotel workers reserve the right to provide accommodation to anyone and terminate any guests stay ahead of schedule but meets the established norms of behavior.
In these cases will be no return or refund from us.

If there is any damage in your room or rooms during your stay, Nest Style Hotels reserves the right to charge in your credit card the total amount of damage.

Payment accepted in cash on arrival at the hotel is only in EUROS. No exceptions.

Be charged to your credit card:

1) “No Shows” at the hotel (without canceling your reservation in advance), will be charged the first night amount.

2) If you cancel or change the date of your reservation less than 48 hours (2 days) of your arrival date (for example, after 13 hours the day before scheduled arrival). The amount charged will be the total of the first night of your reservation. If a reservation is modified or changed warning less than 48 hours before the arrival, the amount charged will be equivalent to the cost of the first night of the reservation.


– Entries (Check-In): from 15 hours.

– Departure (Check-out): to 12 hours.

-Pets: No pets

Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, 4B, 6000 and Maestro..


Reservation of more than ten persons is considered group booking and can not be done through our website. For group bookings, e-mail us directly.

To process a group booking you must pay 30% of it. Until you make this first payment, the booking is not confirmed, and therefore can not be locked rooms, and no refund if cancellation occurs.

Three weeks before date of arrival to the hotel group, should be made full payment of the reservation, and must be paid the remaining 70%. Between the two payments you make changes to your booking. After the second payment we don´t accept changes or partial or total cancellations.

Also, we reserve the right to cancel any reservation if the information provided is false or incorrect.

We do the best to try to accommodate you on the type of room you have requested. But due to the nature of our business, we may need to assign another type of room. In this case, the total amount you must pay on arrival will vary slightly from de price of the reservation.

The nights booked can be be paid at the time of arrival(check in) or departure(check out) (it will be required credit card information for any anomalies that might happen during the stay or if the customer decides to leave without pay). Walk in must be paid at the time of arrival.


Cancellations must be made by fax or e-mail.

In any case, we do not accept cancellations by telephone.

We do not make the reservation when the information is incorrect. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation if the information in the credit card is false or incorrect.
If the information in the credit card given at first is not valid (as in case of loss or theft of the card) is your responsibility to inform Nest Style Hotel of such changes prior to arrival. Failure to be informed will result in immediate cancellation of the reservation

If the personal information provided is incorrect (passport, age, nationality…)

we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.



If you cancel or change the date of your reservation less than 48 hours in advance, (2 days before date of arrival) will be charged 100% of the first night.

In any case, we do not accept cancellations by telephone. Must be written exclusively by to contact with Nest Style Santiago.

Cancellation Policy Reservations made through internet companies outside

Bookings made through other pages or agencies (for example, Hostels,,,, STA, VIP, etc.)
Can only be canceled through such sites or agencies.

For claims of the percentage or rate the company paid booking of reservations, please contact them directly.

Cancellation Policy Reservations made through our own booking system.

In case of NO SHOW, no refunds.

Changes made outside the required notice period, which should not be less than two days (48 hours) for reservations made through our reservation system, will cost 50% of the total amount or the equivalent to the reserve the first night. The amount chosen will be the highest in both.

Changes made within the required notice period, will be charged 20% due to administrative and banking costs.

For refunds, we need the full bank details for transfers (SWIFT, IBAN, address, name, etc.). Nest Style Hotel will pay the bank fees for international transfers, but not your local bank commission.

Booking special dates (festivals, minimum stay periods)

Reservations for special events (like Easter ) must be paid in full and in advance.


Cancellations of reservations over a month in advance will have no charge.

The cancellation of reservations over 15 days and less than 1 month in advance will be charged 20% handling charge.

The total or partial cacelación reservation with a notice from 15 days to 2 days before arrival, will be charged 80% of the total amount of the reserved and / or modified.

The total or partial cancellation of reservations with a notice of less than 2 days or NO SHOW, are charged 100%.



Check-out is at 12 am. Customers who do not live the room at that time, must pay late checkout.

In you arrive later than expected, please notify to know for your arrival time.

We do not send letters or faxes for visa applications to consulates.

Reservations made by travel agents through our website will be considered void.

As we have stated in our “FAQ”, due to difficulties in the past, agents and travel agencies can not book accommodation for your clients using our internet booking site.

The agents or travel agents wishing to book accommodation in Nest Style Hotel for its customers should contact directly with our staff by e-mail at: